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Free delivery to the Macedon Ranges and surrounds
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Mushrooms Anonymous - Cold Climate Tomato Seedlings
From Romsey

Mushrooms Anonymous - Cold Climate Tomato Seedlings

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Jo & Matt from Mushrooms Anonymous are the undisputed queen and king of cold climate tomatoes. They have the magic touch (read: extremely hard work and deep expertise) when it comes to growing bountiful, delicious, early ripening tomatoes in our cool climate. 

They are offering a set of 8 advanced tomato seedlings, all tried and tested in the Macedon Ranges climate. There are a mix of cherry and larger tomatoes, varieties are mixed but for example may include:

  • Cherokee Purple
  • Black Krim
  • Ananas Noir
  • Beam's Yellow Pear
  • Chocolate Cherry
  • Black Russian
  • Tycho Cherry
  • Pink Bumblebee

Also included is a bonus Jalapeno seedling. Matt & Jo are so confident about this region's capacity for great nightshade plants that they are throwing this little baby in for free. If Jalapenos can grow here, you can definitely grow great tomatoes!

The seedlings have been hardened off and are ready to plant when the risk of frost is over (Melbourne Cup is traditional in the Macedon Ranges, but can go in earlier if they have frost protection).

Matt's top tips for growing successful tomatoes here in the Macedon Ranges:

  • Prepare your soil well
  • Your bed would ideally be in full sun all day.
  • De weed your garden bed and apply a nice amount of Blood and Bone and carefully sourced composted manure , chicken or cow is great.
  • Plant your tomato, 50 cm apart, nice and deep, so the roots are encouraged to come off the stem and create a bigger root ball.
  • Place a stake in next to each for support and use soft tomato tie, as they grow bigger, to support them.
  • Water in well. Mulch with a nice amount of straw to prevent weeds competing.
  • Feed once a week with a good,  natural,  liquid fertiliser (we sell our various  fertilisers at the Lancefield farmers market.)
  • Once fruit set begins, ease off on the water (fruit splitting can occur with over watering).