Free delivery to Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges
Free delivery to Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges
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Heirloom Veg Variety Box
From Romsey

Heirloom Veg Variety Box

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Selection of heirloom vegetables in season from Mushrooms Anonymous

This box is full of little treats and surprises that you won't find at any normal retailer. Heirloom eggplants, including long purple and white eggplant, lemon apple cucumbers, poblano peppers, sweet Anaheim peppers, garlic and fermented black garlic (an Ottolenghi staple), and flowering oregano. A delightful selection of varieties and tastes straight from the patch.

Add their heirloom tomato mix for pure late summer delight.

Former chefs and restaurateurs, Jo and Matt - AKA Mushrooms Anonymous - have been well known for their reliable supply of Wild Fungi to Melbourne chefs for more than a decade.

In 2018 Mushrooms Anonymous embarked on ‘The Grow Project’, as they found themselves living in The Macedon Ranges – a cool climate area with some of the best soil they had ever seen.

They now grow chemical free Zucchini Flowers, Heirloom Tomatoes, Padron Peppers, Piquillo and Herbs – delivering these straight into Melbourne restaurants 6 days a week from January until March.